Stuffed Shrimp & Spinach Salmon Recipe

Stuffed Shrimp & Spinach Salmon Recipe

Stuffed Shrimp & Spinach Salmon Recipe

Ingredients you’ll need

2 Slices of Salmon


2 cups Spinach

1/4 small onion

3 tablespoons Plain Cream Cheese

1/2 tablespoon City Eats Seafood Seasoning

1 tablespoon City Eats Fish Seasoning

1/2 tablespoon City Eats All Purpose Seasoning

Olive oil/ your preferred choice of oil


Step 1

Finely chop Onions and sauté in Olive oil until transluscent. Add in Spinach, City Eats All Purpose Seasoning & sauté until spinach cooks down. 


Step 2

Finely mince the Shrimp and cook it over low to medium heat for 3 minutes/ until visibly cooked and season with City Eats Seafood Seasoning. Do not overcook Shrimp; you can also cook it in the same pan as your spinach.


Step 3

Combine Spinach and Shrimp then add your room temperature Plain Cream Cheese and combine until the Cheese is broken down and is mixed well with the Spinach & Shrimp


Step 4

Mix Olive oil and City Eats Fish Seasoning to make a marinade and use it to coat the top side of the Salmon. Make a small incision in the Salmon but do not cut all the way through; just enough to make a pocket so you can stuff the Salmon with the Shrimp & Spinach mix.


Step 5

In a Skillet that’s PIPING hot, add 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, then add Salmon skin side down. You want the oil to be very hot so that it can crisp the Salmon Skin very quickly and cook through the centre, roughly 3-5 minutes/ until the Salmon skin appears visibly brown and cooked. Turn your heat to low and cover the Salmon in the skillet and allow to cook for an additional 5 minutes. 


Now all you need to do is serve and ENJOY with your favourite side. This Salmon paid very well with green beans over a creamy and fluffy bed of mashed potatoes.


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