About Us

City Eats, founded and developed in Kelowna, BC, Canada by Jamaican Immigrant, Sabrina McDonald is the Premier Catering and Spice Company. With a passion for food and cuisine and a desire to preserve her Jamaican heritage Sabrina created City Eats Catering in 2021 while operating a virtual Kitchen via Uber Eats, Skip the dishes and Doordash. With the onset of the Pandemic, Sabrina faced many challenges resulting in the closure of her Virtual Kitchen, while having to PIVOT.  Later, in 2022, City Eats morphed into a Spice and seasoning brand when she launched a signature collection of 6 seasoning blends that capture the essence, boldness & authenticity of Jamaican cuisine.

Craving the irresistible taste of Jamaica? Our handcrafted Jamaican seasoning blends are the secret to elevating any dish to new heights. When you use our seasonings, you can experience the flavours of Jamaican and the Caribbean right in your Kitchen. With every sprinkle, you will unlock a symphony of flavours that will leave you wanting more.

At City Eats, our Mission is to deliver on our commitment to giving our customers the best; the best food, the best service and use of the best ingredients. The bottom line of our business is, "Quality food, Quality Experience".

 We supply only the finest, high quality seasonings that are guaranteed to elevate your cooking. Every spice that goes into formulating our blends is fresh and we only use natural ingredients. Our goal is to create an alternative to MSG and artificial ingredients that pack flavour. We want you to know what you are eating! Our products contain no msg, are non GMO, 0 calories and low sodium, with some blends being salt and sugar free. For this reason you can always count on us to deliver products that will serve you and your entire family!