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8 oz SeafoodSeasoning 139g - Perfect for Seafood

8 oz SeafoodSeasoning 139g - Perfect for Seafood

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The FLAVOUR! The AROMA! The MEMORIES!  It all comes back to that just-right seasoning, because every good Seafood boil starts with the right spices. This Seafood boil seasoning is the best way to enjoy shrimp, crab legs and more without spending hours at the stove in your kitchen. Now you can get that amazing seafood boil flavour in a matter of minutes with this delicious Instant blend! Whether you want to add it to the boil, use it instant to make your butter sauce, or even on French Fries, you'll love it any way! BONUS! use it with any Seafood dish.

GREAT FOR: Seafood boil, Fish, Shrimp, Crab legs, Scallops

INGREDIENTS: Spices, Onion, Garlic

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